The celebration of the birth of Christ is here and today’s episode is in honor of that wonderful and momentous event. Join Lindsay May as she welcomes back Rachel Booth Smith to the show and invites her to share a sweet truth with us.

Rachel is a long time friend of The Truly Co., having contributed multiple articles to the magazine. She has been featured in Chrisitianity Today, as well as other publications, and is soon to have a book out through Moody Publishers. She is currently pursing her Masters of Divinity, specializing in Old Testament studies. You can find out more about her on her website, through Instagram or Facebook.

Today’s episode uniquely focuses on two prayers spoken by two different women, one in the Old Testament and one in the New. These prayers, offered centuries apart, are beautifully paired and Rachel provides insight into what connects them and how they both connect to us today.

Sit back and enjoy a rich teaching from the Word of God. May it prepare your heart in new and fresh ways as you commemorate the birth of Jesus and the gift He is to us every day.

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