Are you interested in submitting written or creative work to The Truly Co for possible publication? We’re thrilled you want to come alongside us as we encourage women to both know and live out God’s freeing truth. We are a collective of writers and creatives, sharing and learning together. We can’t wait to hear from you!

All submitted articles must meet the following criteria:

It Is A Good Fit

Our content is fresh, relatable, culturally relevant, and biblically focused. It’s also fun. We love writing that tells a story from a unique angle. Pieces less likely to be a good fit (depending on how they are structured) are DIY oriented, age or life-stage specific, or features nonbiblical views. Get our free guide to your best article submission to review your article before sending it for consideration. 

It Is Polished

We expect that you have already completed your edits for grammar, content, and style. Send us your best work with complete, well developed thoughts. You can find our style guide online here.

It Is Original

We will not publish articles that first appeared elsewhere, and we reserve the sole rights to your work for 60 days after being published on our website. After that time, you may post your content elsewhere online, but we require that you include the line “Originally featured at” in the header of the article, as well as a backlink.

How To Submit Written Work for Possible Publication


Unsolicited, general submissions are completed online. We accept submissions for blogs, micro-blogs (Instagram content) and print articles in the same Writer Submission Form. We will respond within three weeks, letting you know whether we have decided to use your submission.

Magazine specific submission details.  We recommend attending scheduled content brainstorm meetings to understand specific issue direction and to get to know our community of writers. Meetings will be announced on social media channels. Additional magazine process information can be found here. If your submission for the magazine is not accepted, we may choose to publish it on our blog.


What if my work is not accepted?

There is the possibility that your submission is not a good fit for our online or print publications. If that happens, that’s okay! It doesn’t mean you’re a bad writer or that what you wrote is bad. If you are notified that we are not publishing your work, you can of course use it in any way you wish, including posting it on your own site or social media, or submitting it for publication elsewhere. We believe—no, we know that there is room for everyone in God’s kingdom, and even if your work isn’t published here, God does have a place and plan for you.

What are the next steps after my piece is accepted?

If your work is accepted for publication, we reserve the right to edit, edit, edit. Our editorial standards are high, and editing helps us achieve a unified style across our publications. We may contact you to work together on honing your piece’s story arc, to adjust word count or style, or for further clarification. We will work with you to establish deadlines for any changes requested. (When collaboration is needed, we use Google Docs.) Light edits for grammar, mechanics, and readability will be made without consultation.

Are accepted submissions financially compensated?

No. We do not provide financial compensation at this time. However, we love promoting our contributors on our social media posts and podcasts, where appropriate.

How often can I submit writing?

You are welcome to submit your best writing at any time. We accept blog posts for consideration at any time, and magazine submissions are open twice a year. If you were published in a previous issue of the magazine, you are welcome to submit an article again for any issue.

What style of writing do you accept?

Gospel-centered encouragement is at the heart of everything we do. We love practical, well-articulated content as well as heart-driven narratives that encourage our readers to wrestle with scripture and the way we live out our faith. Order a copy of the magazine to study the type of writing we accept.