Deidre Braley is a Title 1 teacher and instructional strategist at an elementary school in Maine. She enjoys leisurely breakfasts, throwing dinner parties, and writing for her blog The Second Cup. She also writes for Truly Magazine.

In this episode, Deidre talks with Truly Co Podcast host Lindsay May about how she manages to stay afloat in the midst of family hardships and working full-time. In Truly Magazine’s Intentionality issue, Deidre’s article “Let’s Become Interruptible” outlines how Jesus always took time to love people first and set his checklists aside. What does this look like for us today, living in a culture that glorifies “hustle” and progress? Deidra reflects on how God uses things he creates through us to teach us. We must pause to prioritize what God values.

Deidre also describes her experience in attending a Truly Magazine content call and the process of working with Truly’s editorial team in fine-tuning her article for print. Meet other incredible writers like Deidre face-to-face and register for our upcoming content call for our next issue Home here.

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