Join Lindsay May as she welcomes Jonna Meidal to the show today.  Author, pastor, wife, and mom, Jonna offers insight into a battle we all fight on some level– the relentless battle of pursuit.

“People tend to think of success and progress vertically. With the beginning at the bottom and the goal at the top. But what if God looks at it differently?” That quote, taken from Jonna’s article in the Pursuit issue, guides today’s conversation about being an achiever in life and leads to several thought provoking questions:

  • What do you do if you are running on fumes?
  • What do you do for someone who is striving but not seeing any fruit?
  • What does waiting look like?

Jonna’s article, God’s vision of Pursuit: What I Have Planned Versus Where God is Leading Me is one of many great articles in the Pursuit and can be ordered here.

You can connect with Jonna on Instagram and Facebook or her website

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