Do you ever wonder if you’ve crossed a line into unhealthy behaviors?  Or do you know you’ve crossed a line and now are unsure what to do? In today’s episode, entrepreneur and social media influencer Meghan Joy Yancey, describes her recent journey and battle with alcohol. Very candidly, she states:

“Never in a million years would I have imagined myself as someone who would NEED to refrain from drinking. It was a slow fade from being a casual/social drinker to realizing I had an issue. I had become very good at hiding it all from every single person in my life, including my husband.”

A 2021 an article from Harvard Health says between 2001-2013 there was:

  •       A 16% increase in the proportion of women who drink alcohol
  •       A 58% increase in women’s heavy drinking (vs 16% in men)
  •       An 84% increase in women’s one-year prevalence of an alcohol use disorder (versus 35% in men)

Join host Lindsay May as she explores a topic not often discussed in faith communities. There is a rise in alcohol abuse among women and in this exclusive conversation, Meghan shares openly and vulnerably about her journey of realization and her path to overcoming it. In this episode you will discover:

  •       Warning signs of alcohol abuse
  •       Important action steps for helping yourself or someone you love
  •       The book, Your Future Self Will Thank You, that equipped Meghan with the spiritual strength she needed most 

Along with her social media presence on Instagram, you can find Meghan on her website blogging, running an essential oil business and homeschooling her six children.  Enjoy this raw and real conversation with The Truly Co’s newest friend!

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