Join Lindsay May as she welcomes Jenni Kaymeyer to the show today to talk about an issue that everyone will experience at some point in life: grief. Jenni is a licensed therapist, clinical director, and long time friend of The Truly Co.

In The Home Issue, Jenni wrote an article titled “The Stages of Grief,” and today’s episode expands on that by discussing the real-life process we go through during times of loss. And loss can come through the death of a person, a dream, a relationship, or even a season of life. Throughout their conversation, Jenni outlines the stages of grief and the order you can expect to go through them. She offers practical tips and resources to help you find the support you need to move through grief in a healthy manner. Along with being one to experience grief, Jenni also touches on how to support someone else in their journey. 

You don’t want to miss this insightful podcast for yourself and those you love. And don’t forget to order a copy of The Home Issue and have Jenni’s article as a continual resource.

Connect with Jenni at @jennikahmeyer

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