In this episode of The Truly Co Podcast, we’re talking about identifying God’s voice and finding our unique purpose with host Lindsay May and Brooke Peterson. Brooke Peterson is the owner of Well Women Co. with a mission to inspire women to cultivate Christ-centered faith and holistic wellbeing through authentic community and practical resources.


If you feel like you don’t know where God is calling you, know that He is going before you and guiding you. The Lord speaks to us uniquely as individuals, and we can learn to follow His voice. Brooke shares how we can piece together the words God has spoken to us over the years to find our divine purpose. Based on her article “Fragmented Vision” in Truly Magazine’s Unity issue (available for purchase here), we know you’ll be encouraged by her words.


Brooke encourages us to have our environments be “set apart” so that we can fully honor the Lord in all that we do and take into our minds, ears, and hearts. If we fully invite him into moments, we will hear His voice.

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