What happens when you’re a leader in ministry who is struggling with mental illness? Listen to Brittany Jones share her powerful testimony of how she is pursuing healing.

Healing doesn’t have to look the way everyone thinks or imagines it should look. It could be tiny steps each day. Healing isn’t always a straight-line process, but we can go to the Father every day to ask him for help, knowing he is with us on our journey. In this episode of The Truly Co. Podcast, we talk with pastor Brittany Jones of Motivation Church about mental health. Brittany and her husband planted this church in Richmond, Virginia, in September 2017.

Diagnosed with bipolar disorder, Brittany shares her journey towards healing from a trauma-filled childhood, navigating church leadership and therapy. Healing is often found through community, and this week’s episode will encourage you to know that you aren’t alone on your journey. If this conversation is an encouragement to you, we’d love for you to share it with a friend, and subscribe on your favorite podcast platform.

Follow Brittany on Instagram for more insight and encouragement about leadership and mental health @brittanycharise.


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