We’re thrilled to welcome Rachel Smith to The Truly Co podcast on this week’s episode. Rachel is a Truly magazine writer, with articles included in Truly’s leadership and unity issues. In addition, Rachel is a Midwest mom who doubles as a Master’s student at Pillar Seminary and is passionate about studying and understanding the literary truth of the Bible.

In this conversation, Rachel shares a wealth of knowledge about common misinterpretations of the Bible, toxic theology, women in ministry, and more. She compares Biblical truth in our hearts to a plant – “If you have just begun to have a seed planted, you need to take time to grow that truth before sharing it with the world, or it will shrivel up,” she says.

Rachel shares her story of how she internalized this concept ten years ago as her daughter lay very ill in a hospital at a young age. Meditating on God’s truths in that devastating season brought understanding and maturity to her faith and knowing God’s character.

She encourages us to always go back to the intent of God in dry, confusing times. First, pursue scripture. Scripture, Rachel explains, first and foremost, should be our filter. Unfortunately, though, there are times when the most we can do is go on a walk, and Rachel reminds us that God is declaring something over us even if we don’t hear it or feel it. “A little bit of faithfulness is a big deal in dry times.”

Connect with Rachel for more resources at rachelboothsmith.com, on Instagram @firmlyanchored, Twitter @rachel7092, or via e-mail rachel@smithsfrontdoor.com

Trusted Resources For Understanding Scripture:

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“If you want something to pass down to your grandkids, we need to spend time on it and meditate on it, and then live through it, and then you’re ready to talk through it.”

 “If you can learn something in the morning and post about it by the afternoon, you probably have not fully ingested that truth into your heart, and you’re probably not ready to share it yet.”

“A little bit of faithfulness is a big deal in dry times.”

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