In this episode, Leah Andrade shares her incredible journey of discovering God’s goodness, faithfulness, and redeeming power in her life through her journey as an immigrant from Guatemala as a young child.

When Leah became a single mom unexpectedly, an older woman befriended her, stirring a passion and desire someday to be that same friend to other struggling women.

Leah believes that your past can be the platform that will launch you into your next season. You are never bound to your past and what has happened to you. God is with you through it all, and we are all a work in progress.

She saw God’s hand of provision over her life as He provided food, shelter, and protection for her and her younger brother. Reflecting on her journey, Leah reminds us that God is unchanging and is there for us in every situation, and our lives can reveal the Love of God to others, even those that have hurt us.

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