Literary agent, speaker, podcast host and author of over 40 books, Mary DeMuth is a legend of wisdom in this generation. Her passion and commitment to prayer, as well as her depth of Biblical knowledge, has touched countless lives and The Truly Co. was eager to have some one-on-one time with her.

In this episode, host Lindsay May covers Mary’s strategy for creating an irresistible home (published in full in the latest Truly Co. magazine), the one thing that helps her say no to others (which actually hangs on her wall!), ways to effectively incorporate the Sabbath in your life, and fresh insight into the power of the written word.

In addition, Lindsay gets the inside scoop on Mary’s latest book, The Most Misunderstood Women of the Bible. Birthed out of a painful misunderstanding in her own life, she covers this painful topic and the importance of “learning the art of being ok with someone in the world not liking you.” Using women of the Bible as her guide, she offers strategies for tackling this common, yet difficult relational issue. There’s lots of great wisdom packed into this short podcast and The Truly Co. was honored to capture it.

Want to connect more with Mary? You can join her in prayer every day on her Pray Every Day Podcast or check out her website.

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