Do you wrestle to understand your calling? What should it look like and how do you pursue it?  These questions, plus more, are answered in today’s episode with author, speaker, and social media guru Simi John.  Learn the fascinating story of how Simi and her entire family came to know Jesus and how that journey impacted her and still impacts her today.
In today’s episode you will learn:
  • The difference between passions and giftings
  • Three ways to gauge if you should move forward with an idea
  • The defining characteristic of a faithful steward

Plus this bonus!

  • The secret to why Simi is able to keep anger and critical responses out of her social media posts.

Originally born in India, Simi moved to Texas as a young girl where she met Jesus and was forever changed. She is the author of the book I Am Not and can be found sharing her life, marriage, ethnicity, and love for God on her website and Instagram.

Favorite quotes:
  • The trajectory of our future was completely changed when God invited us into His family and His love.
  • If it were not for the local church my family would not be here.
  • God is always speaking. We’re just not always listening.
  • We are waiting for the opportunity, while God is waiting for our obedience.

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