No matter where we live, as believers in Jesus, we are citizens of heaven (see Philippians 3:20). That truth has the power to transform our daily lives. Being confident of our final destination allows us to hold the appearance, size, or location of our earthly homes loosely. 

We often think of home as a physical place, although some people might argue it’s more of a feeling. As Christians, we know this world and where we live is temporary. Instead, our hope lies in knowing that one day we will live in God’s house and the many rooms he has prepared for us (see John 14:2–3).

I remember as a child dreaming of the perfect home. A house spacious enough to accommodate my family, with five bedrooms so I’d no longer have to share a room with my sibling. Animals in abundance—dogs, cats, and chickens freely roaming the property. Me, sitting in a beautiful garden, sipping tea while wearing a dress that flowed in the wind.

But my life took a different turn after my parents’ divorce. I became the daughter of a broken home. For two decades thereafter, I lived abroad, moving frequently and living in condos, convent rooms, attics, basements, studios, apartments, and airport hotels—far from having that “perfect home.” 

Thankfully, God went before me each time I moved and faithfully instructed me through his Word. He reminded me of my royal identity despite my broken home—a daughter of the Most High King.

Every place, every location I have ever lived has added to my story. Sometimes I experienced tremendous loss and great grief. Other times, immense joy and meaningful moments. In each place of residence, God was writing chapters of faithfulness, grace, and provision. And it slowly transformed me. 

He reminded me of my royal identity despite my broken home—a daughter of the Most High King.

Through those experiences, I began complaining less about the characteristics of my home and focusing more on the posture of my heart. I chose to give thanks for God’s goodness in my life, and that gratefulness led to action. I began opening my home to others. I invited my small group from church for weekly Bible study, despite having few chairs or coffee mugs. I hosted foreigners, held dinners for singles, and babysat my friends’ kids. I took God’s provision and learned to share it with others, even if it seemed negligible.

Soon enough, I tasted the sweetness of God’s love and goodness.

Through my experiences, I have learned to view each home through the lens of eternity. Though I still lead a nomadic lifestyle, I am no longer searching for earthly security.  I know with confidence that wherever my feet take me is where I can call home, because home is found in him.  

If you want to find a sense of home wherever you live, hold on to your royal identity in him. Keep pondering his promises and don’t allow doubt or disappointment to rob you of joy. Open your home, rejoice in all you have, and share it with others. Soon you will experience God’s goodness and realize home is simply wherever you are abiding in him. 

Beatrice Mangar is a nomadic writer with a heart to encourage women in their walk with God. @bea_mangar

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