Today’s episode is a mixture of raw pain and extraordinary hope as The Truly Co. welcomes Lisa Appelo to the show. Due to the tragic and sudden death of her husband, Lisa instantly became a single parent to seven children. Now, ten years later, her book Life Can Be Good Again helps other young widows find hope in the hard places of loss.

Lisa shares her story and how she learned to walk her children through grief at the same time she was walking through it herself. She addresses the fear that she would never smile again and offers hope to those in similar situations.

No one is immune to tragedy, so there are lessons to be learned from Lisa that apply in a variety of situations. She outlines the daily ritual that gave her the strength to face each day and provides advice for how to comfort someone who has experienced great loss. She offers surprising insight into the role idols play as we walk through tragedy and presents a counterintuitive way of dealing with grief.

You don’t want to miss this heartfelt episode!

To learn more about Lisa and her ministry to widows, check out her website, and look for her on Instagram and Facebook.

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