Julie Fisk left a 15-year-career legal career to follow her childhood dream of becoming an author. She has co-authored six books, including The One Year Daily Acts of Friendship Devotional.

Together with her co-founders of the Ruth Experience, Julie connects with thousands of women online through the journey of seeking and living out faith, true friendship, and intentional kindness. When she’s not writing or speaking, you will find Julie, her husband, and their two kids filling their home and backyard with new friends, old friends, and soon-to-be friends. Julie is a backyard farmer, a collector of cookbooks and coffee mugs, and admitted bookworm.

Often we compare ourselves to the process other women are going through, but Julie reminds us that God has called us to, and through, different seasons. If we trust His process, He will bless it. You don’t have to be the best at one thing to be used by God. Practice and work at the things God is calling you to do. Obedience and patience through God’s perfect process bring blessing. Julie encourages women in every season to pursue and find peace in God’s process, seek mentors, and seek to mentor those behind them.

Connect with Julie and her co-authors at www.theruthexperience.com@theruthexperience on Instagram, or The Ruth Experience page on Facebook.

Quotables from the interview:

“God uses ordinary girls.”

“God uses mediocre girls, and He wants to use them, so He gets the credit.”

“The fulfillment of my wildest dreams is not at the expense of you.”

“There is no scarcity in God’s kingdom.”

“Let’s fail forward.”

“The faster you get comfortable in who you are, the more settled you will be.”

“Doing things that are scary is what makes you grow.”

“There’s this lie that you have to be good at something, and the fact of the matter is, you don’t.”

“Do the things you enjoy because you enjoy them and because God is calling you to them.”


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