Get a behind-the-scenes look at Truly magazine’s intentionality issue cover art, and the artist’s inspiration. Artist Courtney Feia is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and shares her journey of staying grounded in her faith through creative works.

Courtney is a lifelong multi-disciplinary artist working out of her home studio in Uptown, Minneapolis with her young daughter and muse, Coco. As a Christian artist, Courtney finds inspiration for her oil paintings through meditating on scripture.

Old Testament passages set the tone of voice for these conceptual paintings, allowing interpretation to form on canvas through gestural color blocking and bold movement. A study-first approach is a foundational part of my creative process and an homage to my roots. An Artist’s continual outpouring of ideas can immobilize workflow so I found a conceptual and chronological path – I think I’ll paint every major event in the Bible. There is no lack of inspiration, subject or story there. – Courtney Feia

Find more of Courtney’s work in Truly magazine’s intentionality issue.

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