In this episode of The Truly Co Podcast, host Lindsay May chats with Lucrecia Slater, social worker, veteran, and author, about her article in Truly magazine’s unity issue, “Cultivating Healthy Boundaries.” After serving in the military for 13 years, Lucrecia Slater chased her passion of becoming a published author and blogger. Currently residing in Tennessee with her husband and two daughters, Lucrecia released Her first book, “Broken Narratives: Restoration in the Broken Pieces of our Lives” in 2017 (available on Amazon).

Lucrecia’s article, “Cultivating Healthy Boundaries,” is featured in In Truly Magazine’s unity issue, and provides ideas and practical steps to help you establish and tend to your own boundaries. By implementing boundaries in our lives, we exercise self-care and become more equipped to show love to others. “We can be more readily available to others and God-assignments when we have healthy boundaries in place.” Lucrecia reminds us that we are called to uphold the vessels that God has made and boundaries are a great way to honor God by honoring that commitment to yourself.

Lucrecia is a social worker with a heart to help women with untreated childhood trauma, faith, and mental wellness. Follow Lucrecia and all she is up to on instagram @lucreciaslater  or

Key Quotes:

“Take care to do what God has called you to do – boundaries will help you move forward more purposefully toward those things.”

“Boundaries are put in place for you to determine what you can control within your limits.”

“We are in control of everything within our space.”

“We can’t be all things for everybody.”

“Boundaries are an extension of self-care.”

“If we are going to have wholesome lives, then we need to best honor the boundaries that we set for ourselves.”

“We can be more readily available to others and our God-given assignments when we have healthy boundaries in place.”

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